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Carbon Credits

As an ecological real estate company we have a true and serious social commitment to our environment. This is why we have organized ourselves in alliance with other companies to carry out forestry investment projects for the capture and storage of Co2, within the framework of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Profitability. We have partnered with a prestigious law firm, pioneers in Chilean Conservation Law, with whom we leverage our Co2 projects, which allows us to generate Premium Co2 projects in Chile, making our projects even more attractive. In addition to leveraging Co2 projects in the Chilean Conservation Law, we carry out a comprehensive and exhaustive measurement of the entire Natural Capital of the land.

Natural Capital is the set of assets consisting of renewable and non-renewable natural resources (e.g. air, water, soils, flora, fauna, genetic information, landscape, culture, etc.) that combine to produce a flow of benefits for ecosystems, urban life and people. This combination makes it possible to obtain Co2+ projects, which are much more profitable.

At GB-Real Wild Estate we are convinced that a property means much more than the four walls that separate you from the environment in which you live. A property is the set of infinite ecosystems that coexist in an environment. All these ecosystems work together establishing an inseparable symbiotic relationship for each of the actors and play an essential role for the welfare, ensuring the long-term viability of other natural resources, ensuring that the life cycle continues in a constant and harmonious flow.

This is why our eco-system services are our company’s most valuable asset, as we not only protect environments with globally unique biodiversity, but also create an extension of the economic notion of capital to goods and services provided directly by the natural environment. Only by protecting the eco-systemic balances, structure and diversity of habitats and ecosystems can we ensure a constant supply of these services, creating important natural capital assets and offsetting or neutralising carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from our project partners.

International Real Estate

As International Brokers our field of action goes beyond our borders. We have signed contracts with the largest construction companies with whom we have luxury properties in paradisiacal locations and in the most touristic places in the world, which guarantees our clients an annual occupancy rate of 70% to 80% with a passive profitability, capital gain and, at the same time, a place to spend their holidays or even to live forever.

We invite you to discover our properties in Punta Cana, the main destination in the Caribbean and soon Tulum, the wonderful and magical Riviera Maya and Florida, USA with its theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios, beautiful beaches and the best shopping malls, ideal for families.


We are present in various regions of Chile, providing our clients with land according to their needs.  Be it for the agriculture industry, mining, storage, livestock, industrial parks or to have a second home in the countryside or plot of land in the tranquility of living on the outskirts of the city and with the best locations.

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